Company Background

Coastal Technologies Group, Inc. (CTGi) brings you telecommunications order, network and cost management via one single source – simplified.

Coastal Technologies has developed a product to handle each distinct step in the telecommunications order, network and cost management process. The suite of software solutions is flexible enough to be used independently for automation of a particular piece of the process, or used collectively to enable the entire process. CTGi solutions can easily integrate with billing systems to create complete flow-thru provisioning.

Online access of our solutions enables customers to quickly and easily generate and retrieve service order information via a user-friendly web form. This 24 x 7 access allows customers to quickly run desktop reports at their convenience.

Coastal Technologies Group provides Operational Support System solutions specifically for the telecommunications industry. From order entry to network monitoring to bill auditing, our suite of solutions closes the loop on the entire telecommunications lifecycle. The suite is comprised of integrated products that provide a single source for managing the fixed and variable costs of operating a network. These products work together, enabling service providers to both provision and track usage through the pipes with each trading partner:

  • OSS Connect® — Automation for the Service Order process
  • CMP® — Tracking of all aspects of a switched network’s performance

The CTGi difference
Coastal Technologies Group, Inc. originated as a consulting and OSS development firm specializing in meeting the needs of telecommunications providers. We’ve evolved into an industry leader in the development of electronic solutions designed specifically for the industry. As such, we boast an unmatched depth of understanding of telecommunications standards and operations.

The company’s leadership is committed to and deeply involved in the telecommunications industry, and is consistently on the cutting-edge of technology advancements.

Unmatched product reliability
CTGi provides a complete suite of solutions to meet all your telecommunications order and network management needs, from the provisioning of service to the auditing of the access and exchange charges. Our products have been tested over time and have proven themselves best of breed again and again. The scalability of our solutions provides significant benefits to industry giants and startups alike.

Industry expertise
Our team of professionals possesses many years of telephony and provisioning
systems experience, with special expertise in:

  • Provisioning
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Workflow
  • Line Cost
  • Trouble Analysis
  • Carrier Access Billing Systems
  • Call Processing
  • Percent Interstate Usage Audits

CTGi complies with relevant industry standards including the latest Access Services Ordering Guidelines (ASOG) and Local Services Ordering Guidelines (LSOG). We are compliant with Bellcore SR-STS-471041 Title Access Service Request Mechanized Interface Specifications.

Flexible architecture
Because we develop our solutions in-house, they are entirely scalable. Our solutions fit as well in a start up company as they do an established high-volume service provider. Currently CTGi drives over seven billion transactions per month through our ASP service, backed by a strong SLA guaranteeing performance, availability and accuracy. By design, our simple and modular architecture minimizes the impact and cost of changes. We OEM and manage our own storage, and we utilize distributed array of processors, making our ASP services extremely cost-effective and resilient.

Top-notch customer service
We are proud to have one of the best customer service records in the industry. We routinely provide response to issues in less than four hours and resolution to severity level one issues within 48 hours.