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Coastal Technologies Group CMP® Platform Improves Call Detail Record Searches; New Granular Search Capabilities Enable Service Providers to Sort Through Billions of Call Detail Records

BOCA RATON, FL – Sept. 12, 2006--Coastal Technologies Group Inc. (CTGi), a leader in call detail processing, back-office accounting process and OSS support for the telecommunications industry, today announced enhanced Call Detail Record (CDR) search capabilities on its industry-leading ASP Call Management Program (CMP). The new search enhancements can be based on any number of search criteria, by LATA, 10-digit phone number, switch id, or trunk, in order to perform exhaustive trend analysis, auditing, market intelligence and overall usage analytics.

"Tier 1 carriers generate billions of call detail records every day. They are under increasing pressure to process these CDRs quickly for further analysis, from resolving interconnect billing disputes, to better understanding network call routing patterns, to complying with law enforcement to investigate call pattern analysis," said Jay Bowker, vice president of marketing and worldwide sales for Coastal Technologies Group. "Until now, carriers did not have this level of granularity, the ability to narrow down the search criteria to a certain sub-set of call records. This capability streamlines the amount of data being returned in a search result, and allows a carrier to quickly and easily retrieve critical information in a matter of seconds and minutes, as opposed to hours or days."

"The concept of event-based processing of individual CDRs has gotten more traction in recent months, as it allows carriers to quickly process huge volumes of call detail records to help them retrieve vital, more detailed information regarding billing, interconnect agreements, QoS, call routing patterns, and more," said David Yedwab, Partner, Market Strategy and Analytics Partners, LLC. "This type of granular search capability will give providers enhanced visibility into their call traffic patterns and will ultimately help them make better business decisions."

As part of this announcement, Coastal Technologies Group is also announcing it has upgraded its CMP Dashboard, an easy-to-use monitoring tool which provides a near real-time window into regular processing status, usage volume and quality control metrics of call detail records. The enhanced search capabilities will be displayed within the CMP Dashboard and can now show search results in different formats and levels of detail for various audiences within a carrier, such as analysts, management or executives.

The new search capabilities and the enhanced dashboard interface, both offered as a service module on the CMP platform, are available today.

For a demonstration of the CMP® platform, OSS Connect® or WorkFlow Pro™ product suites, Coastal Technologies Group will be exhibiting its entire product family in the company's booth - number 171 on the trade show floor at Fall VON 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts from September 12-14, 2006.

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