CMP® v. 1.2 Overview

An integral part of Coastal Technologies Group’s product suite, CMP® is a traffic analysis, management and reporting system that performs comprehensive, network-wide processing in real-time to equip service providers with usage data about their networks.

Closing the loop on the entire network management process
From order entry to monitoring to bill auditing, our solution set closes the loop on telecommunications management. The suite is comprised of the integrated products:

  • OSS Connect®: Automates the Service Order process
  • CMP®: Manages all aspects of a switched network’s performance

Accurate network tracking: A must for any service provider
Now more than ever, accurately tracking, managing, and reporting network traffic and call volume is a mission-critical issue for all service providers.

Poor tracking leads to inaccurate billing, poor records management and the inability to know whether or not the fees you are being charged by other service providers are correct. This inability to quickly accrue for costs, audit invoices and perform revenue studies with confidence can open any service provider up to significant revenue exposure—and, as witnessed recently—significant legal exposure as well.

The Call Management Platform (CMP) is a traffic analysis, management, and reporting system that allows for accurate auditing, accrual and percentage interstate usage (PIU) studies. It performs comprehensive, network-wide processing in real-time to provide service providers with call detail and call summary data. CMP delivers the following benefits:

Revenue assurance - Revenue assurance provides confirmation that revenue is being accurately billed. It ensures that all customer and reference data is accounted for and cross-referenced against billing systems. Historically, revenue assurance studies provide a significant return on investment when implementing traffic systems.

Rapidly and accurately accrue for costs - CMP tracks all network traffic, making it possible to ensure the accuracy of incoming bills and create error-free operational expense forecasts.

PIU - CMP accurately calculates PIU on every trunk group on your network, ensuring proper filings as well as excellent audit defense and compliance checks.

Expand product offerings - The ability to track and manage network traffic in near real-time opens doors to new product offerings and expanded revenue opportunities. For example, near real-time call data can now be offered to customers and resellers, or balance-control products can be offered to credit-impaired customers without requiring up-front deposits.

Proactively and cost-effectively prepare for audits - CMP can successfully handle more than twenty billion transactions per month and is based on an infrastructure with unlimited scalability. Transactions, on average, are processed within three minutes of receipt and are summarized and recorded for ease of audit and measurement. With this type of data readily at hand, spot checks and audits are reduced to routine processes that can be managed regularly with minimal effort.

Reduce fraud liability - CMP has an intelligent fraud module available, capable of learning each customer’s calling patterns and looking for anomalies — alerting fraud technicians when abnormalities occur.

Minimize legal exposure - Accurate and precise reporting per financial, industry and technical guidelines minimizes potential legal exposure.

Improve customer service levels - Your customers will appreciate your ability to immediately access their call detail while they are on the line — increasing service levels, reducing call hold times and speeding trouble ticket resolution.

Optimize network performance - By having network traffic information readily available, it becomes possible to dissect this data and analyze it in a variety of different ways. This process can identify patterns in traffic suggesting routing and topology changes to optimize network efficiency. Likewise, ad hoc network studies are easy to implement and can facilitate expansion planning.

CMP—a proven competitive advantage
CMP Dashboard is an easy-to-use monitoring tool. The dashboard provides a near real-time window into regular processing status, usage volume and quality control metrics.

By employing CMP’s revenue assurance capabilities alone, the increased accuracy in billing typically provides a return on investment in as little as one to three months. Add this to the full array of CMP capabilities and your company will realize additional benefits.

Learn more today
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