CMP with Interconnect Reconciliation Service Module

The Challenge
Handling millions of calls each day, processing terabytes upon terabytes of data, and making it all happen while trying to better understand revenues and costs is a major challenge today for carriers operating in a hyper-competitive marketplace. Knowing costs and managing interconnect partner relationships and agreements are two key elements to competitive survival. In order to offer complete bundles of services to your customers at competitive prices, carriers must deal with hundreds or even thousands of interconnect partners at local, regional, national and international levels. Consequently, carriers have to deal with large volumes of diverse types of traffic, ranging from switched voice, packet voice, IP and wireless content and more.

In many cases, much of the critical and time-sensitive data needed like dialing plan changes and rate plan changes, are still submitted via email, faxes, spreadsheets and database files—then manually recorded and disseminated in the same manner within a carrier’s organization. In addition to the inherent time lag in such an approach, data entry and rounding errors can adversely impact the results by as much as 40%, resulting in over-billing or under-billing mistakes which can lead to costly repercussions—not to mention legal ramifications.

The CTGi Solution
CTGi’s Call Management Platform (CMP) provides a series of usage analytics service modules for carriers to manage their day-to-day traffic analysis, fraud, revenue, security and overall business intelligence. By utilizing CMP’s Interconnect Reconciliation service module, carriers are provided with the tools needed to monitor, manage and record invoiced network usage with their partner relationships and specifically monitor critical elements of interconnect agreement, such as service geography definitions, call timing, call rounding, dialing plans, jurisdictional routing, rate plans and Quality of Service parameters, and many more.

Interconnect Agreement Models
One of the toughest challenges in recording and applying the various reference and rating elements that make-up your partnership agreements is keeping up-to-date with geographic service areas, dialing plans and rate plans as they evolve over time. With CTGi’s Interconnect Reconciliation service module, carriers can model your agreements and store critical elements in a user-definable control table structure. More importantly, CTGi’s Interconnect Reconciliation service module empowers users to set up and maintain electronic interfaces with interconnect partners to enable more timely and more accurate updates along with customized error checking and quality controls built into the update process.

Real-time Rating Engine
A key element of CTGi’s Interconnect Reconciliation service module is the real-time rating engine. The real-time rating engine gives carriers the ability to take rate plan and rate element information from agreement models and apply those rate elements on a call-by-call basis for more precise auditing of interconnect invoices and control over costs. In other words, costs are applied at the individual record level (CDR, IPDR, etc…), thus enabling superior cost management and highly accurate accruals.

Analysis and Assurance
Our real-time traffic monitoring and reporting, coupled with real-time rating and reference data, provides carriers with un-paralleled analytical capabilities. CTGi customers are able to review and compare current and historical traffic trends like geographic distribution, call completions, and average call durations with all of their interconnect partners—regardless of the evolving traffic types being thrown at them.

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