CMP with Business Intelligence Module

Business Intelligence for Smart Growth

What if it was possible to see the future? To know exactly what products and services would benefit your customers before they ever knew they needed them? To set the demand curve, not follow it? Believe it or not, it is possible to predict the market without a crystal ball. All it takes is the business intelligence capabilities of CMP.

From comprehensive analysis and reporting tools to tracking and proactive monitoring, CMPs business intelligence module can help your organization leverage historical data to forecast market trends, expand product offerings and improve customer service.


Call Pattern Analysis
To provide customers a window into the marketplace, CMP's Business Intelligence module offers comprehensive call pattern analysis to identify usage patterns that could open new revenue opportunities. It allows organizations to see what segments are growing (like text messaging, music downloads and video capabilities), monitor usage trends, and be first-to-market with new products and services.

For example, the system can monitor overages and map them against customer patterns, allowing your organization to proactively offer calling plan upgrades or special offers midmonth to help customers save money while you make it.

This in-depth data analysis can be customized to help minimize churn, reflect lifestyle trends or identify credit risks early on. The parameters are completely user-driven to meet your organization's needs. 

Data Monitoring and Customized Reporting
The CMP Dashboard is an easy-to-use monitoring tool that can be customized to show particular data views of interest, including usage volume, quality control and processing status. In addition, CMP offers several pre-set reporting options, or the system can be customized to generate specific reports based on parameters set by your organization. You get the information you want, when you want it in the format that best suits your objectives. These customized reports can be generated on a large scale for various departments in your company

Wireless Service Monitoring
Short messaging service (SMS) and multimedia messaging services (MMS) usage can be timed, rated, recorded and billed on the CMP system and tracked against customer patterns to expand product marketing potential and improve network efficiency.

Data Mining
The CMP Business Intelligence Module expedites specific data research requests through a powerful sorting engine that uses CTGi’s patent-pending SpeedSort®. Large volumes of data can be sorted into multiple data sets, with individual data sets up to 20 levels deep. Again, the parameters are user-defined for complete flexibility in data mining.

Improved Customer Service
When a customer calls in with a question or problem, the CMP Business Intelligence module allows their call details to be accessed immediately while they're on the line. The result is more responsive service, faster resolution and higher overall satisfaction rates.

Ever increasing competition and increased customer expectations are forcing service providers to take a long hard look at the factors that affect profitability. Those who know how to harvest their data, analyze it and use it to make business-critical and marketing decisions are the ones who will prevail in the marketplace. Through the CMP Business Intelligence module, CTGi can help your organization maximize growth, foster customer loyalty and increase profitability across your business.

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