CMP with Fraud Management Module

Intelligent Fraud Management

Establishing and enforcing appropriate controls to reduce the risk of fraud has been a major issue for IT professionals throughout the industry. Firewalls, VPNS, IDSs, content filtering, directory services and provisioning—all have been implemented to guard against unauthorized access, system abuse and business disruption. But is it really possible to monitor all access controls, all the time?

Truth is, the inherent risk of fraud grows as the number of systems, connections, applications and users expands. CMP offers an intelligent fraud management module that enables customers to immediately deploy and make use of additional activity monitoring controls.

Reduced Fraud and Legal Liability
CMP’s intelligent fraud module is capable of learning calling patterns and looking for anomalies—alerting fraud technicians when abnormalities occur. Quick, precise reporting minimizes your company’s risk of legal exposure by proving due diligence in guarding against fraud while keeping your organization in complete compliance with financial, industry and technical guidelines for protecting sensitive data.

Fast Tracking
CMP provides a powerful sorting engine featuring CTGi's patent-pending SpeedSort® technology. Large volumes of data can be sorted into multiple data sets with individual data sets up to 20 levels deep. Data can be searched several ways, including by switch, ten-digit lookup or any number of user-defined parameters. Searches resulting in several million records can be easily narrowed down and reports generated quickly—without restoring archives or attempting to piece-meal results from smaller data sets.

Pattern Analysis and Proactive Monitoring
CMP also provides intelligence analysis tools including pattern matching and proactive monitoring. Pattern analysis links data, which allows service providers to monitor calling patterns as well as potential high-risk behaviors such as establishing new accounts, access to sensitive directories and files, initiating data transfer services, and unusual database retrieval and views. This feature is particularly valuable in detecting and stopping overseas hackers as well as identifying possible internal threats.

The proactive monitoring function lets your organization define parameters within the engine to automatically send out real-time alerts when anomalies are seen. These can be triggered by anything monitored such as a phone number, country code or certain switch.

With the CMP Fraud Management module, your organization has a flexible, scalable solution that grows with your needs to provide a repeatable monitoring process across any number of products or services. A process that dramatically reduces reaction time, lost revenue, and legal liability.

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