Automate Order Provisioning with
OSS Connect® v 3.0

An integral part of Coastal Technologies Group’s product suite, OSS Connect® automates the service order process-reducing administrative overhead and speeding the circuit turn up process.

Closing the loop on the entire network management process
From order entry to monitoring to bill auditing, our suite of solutions closes the loop on telecommunications management. The suite is comprised of the integrated products:

  • OSS Connect®: Automates the Service Order process
  • CMP®: Manages all aspects of a switched network’s performance

Automate the entire order cycle with OSS Connect®
With over 40,000 service providers that handle service requests and more than 1,000 new communications companies appearing each year, running an efficient business is essential for company survival and competitive advantage.

Any service provider—large or small—must have a complete provisioning system in place to be a viable player in the telecom industry today. OSS Connect automates the service request process—improving internal efficiencies and decreasing customer turn up time.

OSS Connect automates the enitre order provisioning process, from order entry to error detection —and manages a complete order history. OSS Connect also manages e-bonding with trading partners and integrates easily into internal and external business systems.

The benefits of OSS Connect

Increase processing speed - Electronic processing decreases the time spent ordering service, minimizing customer turn up time. On average, moving from a paper-based process to an electronic service request process can reduce processing time from 90 days to 30 days. This reduction enables billing to begin sooner, which improves cash flow.

Reduce administrative burden - Paper processing requires an immense amount of administrative effort. Each request must be manually created, copied, delivered and filed. The amount of time required for this manual process versus an electronic process negatively impacts efficiency and profit. Electronic processing occurs in a fraction of the time and is more reliable and secure than manual processes.

Reduce order errors - Electronically filing service requests greatly reduces the amount of manual and duplicate data input required, thereby reducing the risk of data entry error. Moreover, OSS Connect’s rules engine pre-validates service requests and proactively searches for potential entry errors to eliminate them before a service order is ever sent. This results in greater processing speed, reduction of costly delays and elimination of expensive error fees. Additionally, OSS Connect can be used as a stand-alone order entry system or with existing order systems.

Eliminate service request delays
Not only does it take less time to create the initial service request, the delivery time is shortened as well. Electronic files reach their destinations in minutes, or even seconds, instead of the hours or days it can take for faxes and postal mail. Once received by the service provider, the request can quickly be integrated into their system for immediate processing — eliminating service provider turn up delays.

Easily access electronic order history
OSS Connect automatically stores electronic copies of all service order transactions, allowing speedy retrieval based on a number of criteria such as date, name or location. This results in simplified order retrieval and provides a convenient system for audit and problem resolution.

Improve customer service levels
Faster service turn up means happier customers and a competitive advantage for you. Additionally, OSS Connect provides for the rapid creation of trouble tickets, more effective troubleshooting and reduced customer downtime.

Easily make least-cost choices
OSS Connect’s business rules can be utilized to empower your employees to choose the proper carrier based on cost or other criteria—providing a basis for enormous cost savings.

Why OSS Connect?

Seamless integration with internal platforms - OSS Connect can seamlessly interface with internal platforms, eliminating manual re-keying of data.

Always up-to-date formats - OSS Connect stays up-to-date with the most current ASOG and LSOG standards and industry formats.

Easy to use interface - The interface is easy to use and standardized, reducing training time and enabling broad adoption within your organization.

Robust records maintenance - As a turn key solution or as an ASP service, order data can be kept online for as long as you choose.

Integrates easily with transport software - Seamlessly integrates with EDI transport software, XML and IA.

Sends Service Order in a variety of formats - OSS Connect supports sending service orders electronically, via e-mail, fax or EDI.

Provides a quick view into critical data - At a glance, users can see exactly when turn-ups and disconnects occurred via the OSS Connect Dashboard.

OSS Connect—a proven competitive advantage
Take advantage of the proven technology that can make you a highly competitive carrier. Having processed millions of service order requests, OSS Connect has been proven effective and can seamlessly be integrated into your existing internal structure—saving significant operational costs and improving your customer satisfaction.

Learn more today
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