CMP with Revenue Assurance Module

Data Counts, Especially When It Adds To Your Bottom Line.

Accurate Network Tracking Saves Money—Lots Of It
For traditional carriers and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), incomplete call records, combined with incomplete rating & mediation means inaccurate billing, lost revenue, and the inability to validate incoming bills from outside suppliers. The result? Hundreds of thousands of euros can be lost annually. In some cases, the inability to quickly accrue for costs, audit invoices and perform specific revenue and call data studies also leads to legal exposure.

As an integral part of our product suite, Coastal Technologies Group (CTGi) offers the Call Management Platform (CMP®)—a traffic analysis, fraud management, reporting, and revenue assurance system capable of near real-time processing of over 100 BILLION call transactions per month.

The Call Management Platform reads 100% of a carrier’s Call Detail Records, batched or directly from switches, to provide service providers with call detail and call summary data quickly and accurately. The CMP solution delivers:

Revenue Assurance
Revenue Assurance is a term used to describe many types of activities designed to maximize revenue from monthly operations. The largest area of focus in all Revenue Assurance activities is the accurate recording, rating, and reporting of inter-carrier billing. An accurate, timely and accessible reporting engine enables superior billing, operations, network and finance systems tracking.

Fast, Accurate Cost Accrual
CMP tracks all call transactions, enabling accurate verification of incoming bills and operational expense forecasts. CMP supports audit of billing to and from partners and suppliers by capturing all call records and near-instantaneous comparison against industry and proprietary databases. The system automatically calculates and reconciles taxes, tariffs, roaming and other charges between partners or jurisdictions. This can greatly reduce operational expenses.

Usage Studies
CMP tracks and reports all usage in any regulatory category, on every trunk group in your network, thereby ensuring proper filings, excellent audit defense, and successful
compliance checks.

Expanded Product Offerings
The speed and power of the Call Management Platform support new, non traditional applications. A comprehensive call pattern analysis feature allows CMP users to identify customer usage patterns to drive new revenue opportunities. For example, a smart system might monitor high value customer’s usage to proactively offer upgrades and new products between billing cycles. Your customers save money while you enhance the ‘stickiness’ of products and bundles.

Improved Customer Service
CMP allows you to immediately access customer call details while they are on the line. The result is more responsive service, reduced hold times, faster problem resolution and high customer satisfaction levels.

Reduced Legal Exposure
With sweeping new data storage and retrieval laws enacted by the European Union—in addition to stringent industry, financial and technical regulations—CMP helps minimize your legal risk with fast, precise reporting and outsourced data storage. There’s no need for a massive investment in IT or support staff in order to comply. Spot checks, audits and official data inquiries can be managed routinely with minimal effort.

CMP provides strict service level agreements that guarantee fast response to search requests (most are processed in minutes) and quick turnaround on all reports. This is of particular importance with the current anti-terrorism regulations, which require service providers to store two years of in depth call records and supply specific call data quickly. With CMP, you’ll save time and money while avoiding costly penalties and lengthy discovery processes.

Reduced Fraud Liability
CMP has an intelligent fraud module available, capable of learning each customer’s calling patterns and identifying anomalies—automatically alerting fraud technicians when abnormalities occur.

Optimized Network Performance
With network traffic information readily available, it is now possible to dissect this data and analyze it in many different ways. This process can identify patterns in traffic, suggesting routing and topology changes to optimize network efficiency. Likewise, ad hoc network studies are easily implemented to facilitate expansion planning.

New Wireless Service Monitoring
Short messaging service (SMS) and multimedia messaging service (MMS) usage can be timed, rated, recorded, and tracked against customer patterns to expand your product marketing potential and network efficiency.

Data Monitoring and Customized Reporting
The CMP Dashboard is an easy-to-use monitoring tool that provides a near real-time window into regular processing status, usage volume and quality control metrics. This window can be customized to show particular data views of interest. In addition, CMP will generate specific reports based on parameters set by your organization, so you get the information you need when you need to see it. These customized reports can be generated on a large scale for various departments within your company.

Quick Return on Investment
By leveraging CMP’s revenue assurance capabilities alone, the increased accuracy in billing typically provides a return on investment in as little as one to three months. Add the full array of CMP capabilities, and your company will realize additional benefits in compliance, costs savings and expanded product offerings.

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