CMP with Security Management Module

Robust Security Monitoring

It’s easy to defend against what’s known. It’s the attacks against hidden or unknown security vulnerabilities that wreak the most havoc. In this age of terrorism, the danger lies not only in data leaks and massive system disruption, but in the threat of tragic physical consequences as was seen in the Oklahoma City bombing.

The CMP Security Monitoring Module delivers real-world event data management performance to address security monitoring and investigation requirements—allowing organizations to better defend the enterprise against external and internal threats.


Pattern Analysis and Proactive Monitoring
CMP provides intelligence analysis tools including pattern matching and proactive monitoring. Pattern analysis links data, which allows organizations to monitor calling patterns as well as potential high-risk behaviors. Users can easily identify and fully understand sophisticated attacks, anomalies and security violations.

The proactive monitoring function lets your organization define parameters within the engine to automatically send out real-time alerts when anomalies are seen. These can be triggered by anything monitored such as a phone number, country code or certain switch.

Fast Tracking
To speed investigation response time, CMP provides a powerful sorting engine featuring CTGi's patent-pending SpeedSort® technology. Large volumes of data can be sorted into multiple data sets with individual data sets up to 20 levels deep. Data can be searched several ways, including by switch, ten-digit lookup or any number of user-defined parameters. Searches resulting in several million records can be easily narrowed down and reports generated quickly—without restoring archives or attempting to piece-meal results from smaller data sets.

Reduced Fraud Risk and Legal Liability
CMP’s intelligent fraud module is capable of learning calling patterns and looking for anomalies—alerting fraud technicians when abnormalities occur. Quick, precise reporting minimizes the risk of legal exposure by proving due diligence in protecting sensitive data.

With real-time alerts and the ability to thoroughly search and analyze data using a variety of criteria, the CMP Security Monitoring Module arms organizations with more information to quickly identify and counter security threats before extensive damage is realized.

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