VarTec automates and streamlines order processing using OSS Connect® from Coastal Technologies Group

With OSS Connect, VarTec keeps all orders organized efficiently in a single location and eliminates the need for multiple methods of order entry and retrieval.

With thousands of service requests from new and current customers each year, running an efficient order provisioning process is critical to the success of VarTec, a provider of local and long distance service and a pioneer in "dial around" long distance service. VarTec offers services to both residential consumers and small business customers in the United States and select countries around the world—and it is essential that they have a system that automates the service request process—improving internal efficiencies and speeding customer turn up time.

OSS Connect from Coastal Technologies Group provides just the system necessary to keep VarTec running smoothly. “Because we deal with a large volume of customers, we needed a system that provided a provisioning interface with local exchange carriers and the rest of the world,” said Jim Barnhart, Senior Business Systems Analyst with VarTec. Barnhart is responsible for supporting various company network applications that manage and monitor provisioning and circuit turn-up. “Using OSS Connect, our order provisioning processes are automated and streamlined. Without OSS Connect, our order entry coordinators would have to use multiple methods of communication—including fax, e-mail, phone—even visiting other LEC’s web sites to create orders. With OSS connect, we can place orders and manage them all in one place.”

OSS Connect is used by telecomm services providers to automate the service order process—reducing administrative overhead and speeding the circuit turn-up process. By using OSS connect, companies have realized a number of benefits, including a reduction in manual processes, reduced order errors, the elimination of service request delays and improved customer service levels.

One standout benefit of OSS Connect is its easy-to-access electronic order history—enabling speedy retrieval of orders based on a number of criteria such as date, name or location. “Because all our orders are stored in one central location, it is easy for us to troubleshoot issues when they arise,” said Barnhart.

Ease of support eliminates time-consuming overhead
One benefit that Barnhart especially appreciates about the OSS Connect application is its ease of use. “The application is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to support,” he said. “That’s important for me, especially because I have other applications I’m responsible for overseeing and supporting. The less time I have to spend training end users on how to use the system and provide support when issues arise, the more time I can spend being productive in other areas of my job.”

Plans for the future
“We’re glad to have CTGi as a business partner,” said Barnhart. “They have been very responsive to all our requests—solving issues quickly and ensuring maximum uptime.”

Because VarTec views Coastal Technologies Group as a partner and not just a software vendor, VarTec is looking forward to future releases of the product and the efficiencies it will bring to their business. “We’re anticipating the implementation of the next release of the OSS Connect product,” said Barnhart. “The fully web-based application will be more efficient for our users and much easier to support internally. We’re also looking forward to taking more advantage of in-depth reporting features so we can isolate points of inefficiency within our order management process.”

“Truly, the CTGi application keeps our order entry process operating smoothly,” commented Barnhart. “And we look forward to leveraging the application in the future to bring further efficiencies to our organization.”